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18 April 2016

Steve Bishopp appointed in the role of Route Development

New export shipping role created in response to growing demand from contemporary and fine art galleries

 Hedley's is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Bishopp who joins us immediately

in the role of Route development

Steve Bishopp


Steve has a wealth of knowledge and experience with clearance brokerage and ancillary services over a couple of decades. During his career he has focused on art shipping, removals and exhibition traffic finding solutions and sorting specialised customs regimes for an array of clients from corporate to private individuals, all receiving discreet personalised care and attention.


Steve says: “I am looking forward to supplementing the knowledge base at Hedley’s Fine Art Division packing, storage and shipping department and am delighted to have joined the team”.


This appointment reflects Hedley’s growing personalised service to both private clients as well as the expanding auction house market Hedleys Fine Art is now attracting.


Steve Hedley still runs the family business he started four decades ago offering a careful management of export/import shipping, air and road transport, acclimatised storage, bonded warehousing and white glove delivery together with door-to-door services to remote destinations.  Particularly, it is the weekly, flexible shuttle services across continental Europe that offer value to clients globally needing safe and speedy transport.


Hedley’s CEO Steve Hedley added:  “We have invested considerably in the past year in our Fine and Contemporary Art Department and many galleries around Europe are now calling on us for fast, safe and efficient deliveries because of our courteous and competent teams. Steve’s appointment is in response to this growing demand.”


For more information, please contact: Pandora Mather-Lees, Head of Commercial Development, Hedley's Fine Art Logistics: +44 7967753372.